Do I Qualify?

New Franchisee Assessment Factors

  • Multi-Unit Operations Experience
  • Financial Qualifications
  • Personal and Financial Reputation
  • Motivation and Commitment
  • Culture and Brand Fit
  • Growth Mindset

New Franchisee Assessment Criteria

Multi-Unit Operations Experience

Proven track record in operating a multi-unit restaurant or hospitality business (preferably quick service restaurant)

Successful business ownership experience (preferably multi-unit restaurant)

Financial Qualifications

$1,500,000 Total Net Worth

$750,000 Total Liquid Assets*

Net Worth and Liquid capital access commensurate with ownership level (may vary significantly from minimum requirements)

A KFC storefront
Personal & Financial Reputation and Stability

Criminal convictions, history of litigation, Bankruptcy history

Minimum Credit Score of 700

Business history and reputation, referrals

Press/Social Media

Motivation and Commitment

Willingness to guarantee Franchise Agreement obligations

Time commitment for required training programs (includes entire organization)

Hands on in the day to day operation of the business, Residency/proximity

A KFC storefront

*Liquid Assets are defined as cash or any asset that could be converted to cash within 10 business days