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This restaurant franchise website is not a franchise offering and it is not directed to the residents of any particular jurisdiction. No offer or sale of a restaurant franchise will be made except by a franchise disclosure document first filed and registered with applicable state authorities. Any personally identifiable information collected on this franchise site is subject to Our Privacy Policy.Looking to own and manage a business? Starting a business from scratch can be difficult and risky however, there are good reasons to investigate KFC franchise opportunities, for anyone that is interested in a fast paced and exciting opportunity in the restaurant business.If you understand franchising you will have some idea as to the benefits of working in an established and proven system. You are preparing to make a significant investment, it's important that you research the various options available. What Brands will attract the most customers to your restaurant? Which Brands will bring you a pipeline of new and exciting new products? Which Brands encourage you to give back to the community as part of their base business model? After researching the many options that are available (there are over 2500 franchised brands in America today), you will arrive at a short list of Brands that offer you real value - we hope that the KFC franchise opportunity will be a member of that short list.

Here are some quick reasons why you might consider choosing KFC franchise opportunities versus other business options when you're ready to make that financial investment.One thing to think about is brand awareness. KFC is the leader in the chicken category in the U.S. and around the globe. KFC brand awareness is almost 100% in the U.S. - most everyone has enjoyed a bucket of the Colonel's delicious Original Recipe fried chicken. You also want a brand that will work to stay relevant to today's changing tastes with a compelling national advertising and promotional calendar. One of the benefits of operating in an established system is that you get access to this brand power.Another important attribute of a quality franchise system is having a proven system of franchisee training and support. KFC franchise opportunities include a complete training and support program to assist you as you open and operate your business. You are taught perfect product preparation, how to manage inventory, how to hire and train your staff and how to organize your office to deliver optimum results. Do you get this training when you're looking to start a business from scratch? Probably not. As a franchisee investing in an established system - you deserve real value - make sure the franchises you explore offer you a complete, proven support program. We feel a KFC franchise opportunity does just that.Opening independent restaurants can be a risky proposition. Many of them fail within the first 5 years of business. The failure rate for restaurant franchises is significantly lower. But sustaining a restaurant operation and meeting your goals come with no guarantee.

You have to practice hands-on management, you have to build a high performing team and you have to be dedicated to great execution for each and every customer. The KFC system is designed to share best practices with you, enabling you to compete. Many franchisees have been working in the KFC system for a long time. When you consider that over 50% of the KFC franchisees have been in the system for over 25 years - it speaks to a system that works. And today, franchisees and customers want to support brands that give back to the community. KFC has many programs that do just that. They have the Colonel's Kids Program that provides scholarships to bright young students. They participate with the America's harvest program donating excess restaurant food to the poor and as part of the Yum! Brands system they participate in the annual World Hunger Relief effort, which has raised over $60 million dollars in the last 3 years, working with the United Nations World Food Program. A great category leading brand, an operating system that has weathered the ups and downs of the last 50 plus years, a system that gives back to the community and a franchise support team that is there to assist you every step of the way - a KFC franchise opportunity - what's not to like? When you consider all the benefits a KFC franchise opportunity can offer you -- it could be a great career option for you to consider. So why not investigate it today?

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         My father and I have always had a good relationship and now that I joined him on a full-time basis three years ago, we’ve found something that we can share and develop together. And we’ve found a great company in KFC to partner with.
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